Specialties in the spotlights at Alkemade International

  • 21/11/2018

Specialties in the spotlights at Alkemade International

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Alkemade International is an import company based in Aalsmeer which has been active for over twenty years. Since then the company has established long-term and lasting relationships with growers from Africa, South America and Europe. They are always looking for long-lasting relationships and new products, like these next three growers, who all are related to Alkemade for about two years.

Klaver Lily is a grower from Heerhugowaard (The Netherlands), who has been growing Lilies for years. Since a couple of years the company is also active in Ethiopia, where Gypsophila is grown. Here too, quality is paramount, and the Xlence and Discovery varieties are available on a daily basis at the three major Dutch auctions.

Twelve Energy is a grower from Sardinia, who puts a beautiful new product called Smeralda on the market. This is grown in greenhouses that are covered with solar panels, so that little or no light comes through. Due to the lack of light, Smeralda grows as it does, and this derivative of Rosehip Corallo is a beautiful decorative green branch, which also grows further in the vase. At introduction, the product was also nominated for novelty at FloraHolland. Smeralda has a very long vase life and is available daily at the auction in Aalsmeer.

SPS Poland is the supplier of the many branches of Rosa Corallo that are available daily at the auctions in Aalsmeer, Plantion in Ede and Eelde. The Rosehips with a length of 70 to 130 cm will for now be supplied for the last time next week, and the season has been very successful for the grower. SPS Poland also supplies Peonies in the spring.

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