Alkemade International – Arnelia Farms
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Recently the good people from Thursd came to visit us for an interview regarding our collaboration with Arnelia Farms. Check it our yourself bij clicking here.

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Arnelia production process
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Take a look at this impressive video about Arnelia’s (South Africa) production process!

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Documentary Alkemade International – Klaver Lily cooperation
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In this short documentary you’ll get an impression of the close cooperation between the companies Alkemade International and Klaver Lily, a Dutch grower who also grows Gypsophila in Ethopia.

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BeautyLine short movie
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Grower BeautyLine (parent company Danziger) has made a short, very exciting movie about it’s production process and it’s staff.

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Alkemade and JP Hogewoning intensify cooperation
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As of October 1, the companies Alkemade International and J.P. Hogewoning are commissioning a new processing space in Aalsmeer. Both companies have been working together for more than 20 years.…

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SandPro Growers new at Alkemade International
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Since a couple of months ago, a new grower from Kenya: SandPro Growers is offering its line of products at the major Dutch auctions. Unpacked and processed for auction by Alkemade International, the…

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Specialties in the spotlights at Alkemade International
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Alkemade International is an import company based in Aalsmeer which has been active for over twenty years. Since then the company has established long-term and lasting relationships with growers from…

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Alkemade extends product range with assortment from South African growers
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Alkemade extends product range with assortment from South African growers Since this year the flowers from South African growers Zuluflora and Arnelia are unpacked and processed exclusively at Alkemade International.…

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